Conversion of Waterford BBA Facility


Renegade Spirits Waterford Distillery


Waterford City, Co. Waterford





  • Recommissioning existing plant for spirit production
  • Integrating reporting system


Plant Recommissioning

Waterford Distillery was set up in an existing Waterford Diageo facility. This facility was converted from a brewery into a distillery to allow for the production of spirits. Waterford Distillery uses multiple varieties of grain to produce different flavored whiskeys.

The Waterford Distillery plant contains 4 180T grain silos, a 350hL Brewhouse, 4 1000hL fermenters, 100hL Yeast propagation unit, an 18,000 L Wash Still, 11,500L spirit stills, and multiple CIP vessels. The entire plant includes over 5,000 I/Os.

Customer requirement:

  • Initial plant capacity of 1 million La for 5 years increasing to 3 Million Litres of Alcohol at the end of year 5
  • Tracking and tracing of product throughout the brewing and distillation process
  • Fully integrated SCADA system allowing fully automated control throughout the plant
  • Data logging of all required data and trends including temperature, flow rate, and mechanical failure

MWCS during project:

  • MWCS provided support for the customer and mechanical and electrical contractors during commissioning.
  • We oversaw commissioning of the Dry goods, brewhouse, tank farm, pot stills and CIP vessels.
  • We ran full IO testing through different platforms ( Profibus /ASI).
  • We managed a change of hardcode settings and main parameters from the previous system
  • Full 24 hour cover during operation

Implantation of MWCS System:

  • Intake of grain comes from multiple sources with product ID availability
  • The process is completed with minimal operator intervention
  • Full HMI system allows the operator to interact with the PLC program
  • Alarms signal s for program or mechanical errors
  • Track-and-trace system allows product to be tracked throughout the plant
  • Reporting system provides trend and data analysis