We offer a semi-automated micro brew house with equipment, installation and training starting from $115,950.


This offer includes

  • 5 BBL Brew house 2 vessels stainless steel system
  • (Mash / Lauter Tun & Kettle/Whirlpool)
  • Our system includes a wort pump, wort heat exchanger, fitted agitator
  • with manual lifting rakes and electric heater on kettle.
  • Automated Temperature control of water for mashing & sparging
  • Five 10 BBL Storage Vessels with automatic temperature control
  • Includes also HLT & CLT Tanks (Volume 10 BBL)
  • Manual Keg washer
  • Utilities for brewery operation, chiller and CIP centre





We offer a fully-automated micro brew house with equipment, installation and training starting from $199,950


This offer includes

  • The same brewing equipment from the first package except the brew house is fully automated.
  • With this package the system comes with all the necessary automated butterfly valves, control valves, temperature probes, flow meter & pressure transmitters
  • Automated with our very own “Just load the recipe”
  • The brew house comes with electrical panel fitted with VFD’s, PLC and automated hardware.
  • Semi-automated keg washer
  • Additional features with this package include
  • Recipe batching system
  • Instrument trending
  • Alarm logging
  • Fully detailed brew house reporting


With the purchase of our fully automated Brew house for an added $15,000 we put you in contact with Master Brewers we have worked with in the past.

With our in built Batching system, the Master Brewer will help create unique recipes to your brewery.

Working with these Master Brewers the knowledge you gain cannot be measured & is truly a great contact to have when developing your own brand.

These prices are based on

5 BBL system with four 10 BBL Fermenters

one 10 BBL BBT

(Each additional tank (fermenter/BBT/Conditioning Tank) would be an additional $6’000 to the price)

Should the volume of the brew house increase from a 5BBL system the price would vary to what is shown.

MW Control Solutions have direct contact with manufactures so prices are kept to a minimal for the end user.

Should there be any other equipment required which is not covered in the packages, MW Control Solutions will source at additional costs.