You insist on using only the finest ingredients. You give every batch exacting individual attention. Because crafting a quality product is in the details. At MWCS, we share your passion for quality in everything you do. That’s why our automation and information solutions are rigorously tested, proven, and supported by some of Europe’s most renowned breweries and distilleries, with names like Bushmills, Waterford and Teeling.


Michael Wendling / Managing Director

Ben Baxter / Project Engineer

Brendan McHugh / Technical Director

Mark Darby / Intern

Chris Rowland / Project Engineer

Frederic Bernhard / OPs/Project Director

John Horan / Finance OPs Manager


Trista Catineau

Operations Manager

Jacob Schmalzle

Sales Director 

Alexandra Wozniak

Sales Executive  

Stay Consistent.

Implementation of our control solutions provide uniform production quality day in and day out.

Gain Flexibility.

Get more control over your business. Our systems allow for allocation of resources as needed, to maximize efficiency.

Expand + Grow.

Our management systems allow for greater range of product production.